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You roll your eyes. You scoff. You make some sort of generalization: You're wrong.
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Albert Søren Meursault
Albert Meursault
Biographical information
Nickname(s) 'Merc'
Born November 28, 1986
Citizenship Naturalized American
Physical description
Hair Brunet
Eyes Brown
Height 1.65 m (5 4")
Weight 54 kg (120lbs.)
Career information
Occupation Journalist
Affiliations Tijs Bergling
GTA Revolution Protagonist
Other information
Voice Sonny Moore

Albert Meursault is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as one of the four main protagonists in The After Dark Scene along with Armin Van de Corput, Jackie Hiroyuki and Tijs Bergling. Meursault is an electronic recording artist from French Algeria. Critic, journalist, and philosopher; his views contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as hipstirdism.



Meursault was born to a dysfunctional family of six, growing up in a world of the lower class living. This lifestyle is one of the main reasons why he dresses like he lives in the street; why he averts clothing and makes them appear vintage.

He studied at the University of Algiers, where he was the goalkeeper for the university fraternization football team until he contracted meek tuberculosis.


Meursault became obsessed with music, a connoisseur​ of genre, and a bitrate-hungry audiophile. He would purchase -and steal- many records and valued them highly, especially if they were signed. His record collection contained music and artists nobody else had heard of, and if he believed that an artist was becoming popular, he would deny they ever listened to them and quickly dispose of any evidence.


"When they have that look on their face that screams "Why?" You know you've made it as an individual. They look at someone like you as another one of them, boring, bland and colorless, but they look at me like a wrong-shaped puzzle piece, an out of pitch guitar string, like I'm comic sans on their mother's gravestone. They judge me, but I don't care, because deep down they are wasting their time and I'm just living life."
―Describing his response to mainstream judgmental behavior.
"Who could have dreamed in 1995 that the alternative society would eventually multiply to such extraordinary proportions that it becomes our mainstream."
―Regarding his adolescence
"We all know the routine: you smirk condescendingly at the arty young adult with the glasses and the tattoos, or assume that everything he or she does is “ironic”—scare quotes included."
―Reasserting his own view on the label "Hipster"
"I stared into the abyss only to see myself staring back at me."
―Said after secondary marijuana smoking.
"Ipse se nihil scire id unum sciat, so don't ask me."
―When asked his view on this generation's lifestyles.

Grand Theft Auto Revolution

Meursault is also featured in Grand Theft Auto Revolution as a central character in the Hipster storyline.