Agence Tout, or by their full name: Agence Tout Risque, and widely called "Red Hoodies" by rival gangs, is a widely known street gang operating in various spots around Carcer City under the command of Sussie Sinclair, who founded the gang in the early 2000's. Since then, it has become a multi-cultural comprised gang that involves itself in drug trafficking, chop shops, illegal street racing, blackmailing, and shakedowns. They are distinguished by the use of a red-colored hoodie.

The gang is widely known by the public for their rare and somewhat very enigmatic relief to the citizens of Carcer City. After the "gang sweep" performed by the Great Sharks, Agence Tout provided relief to those affected, which would soon shift the public's negative perception of them. Yet despite the relief given, they are still known to be a street gang.

Recruitment Regulations (The Code)

Unlike most gangs who often recruit members to increase their size, Agence Tout is a quality over quantity enlistment. In order for an individual to be admitted into Agence, they must be athletic, perceptive, be between the ages of 19 to 49, must cease to pursue emotional attachments, and must be fully obedient to the gangs own goals regardless the morality.

Rank Structure

Agence Tout has a rank structure that mostly includes its members being called by their specific rank. Each rank has it's own benefits, for example: being a Locum Tenens, allows the member to pursue a relationship within the gang or anyone outside it and is able to be reunited with family, able to recommend possible recruits and are given a position to oversee a certain position in the gang.

The names for the ranks are a combination of French and normal military rank call signs.

  • Viceroy/Vicereine (Leader)
  • Cupat Coat (Second-in-command)
  • Legatus (Ambassador)
  • Locum Tenens (Lieutenant)
  • Corporalis (Auxiliary)
  • Tiro (Recruit)