There is a host of different activities in The After Dark Scene including Golf, Tennis, and Stunt Jumps. There are dozens of amusing things to do in the world. Besides the plethora of missions and side missions, Las Venturas is crammed with ways to whittle away the hours.

Air Hockey

Arm wrestling

Bank Heist

Rob a bank safe and bring it back; escape with it.


Play three, six, or nine innings of America's Past Time.


Participate in bike races.


Visit the award-winning E-Bowler, the 69-lane bowling center at Suncoast in Las Venturas. Learn more about leagues, tournaments, rates, open bowling and cosmic bowling.

Circuit Race

Race cars.


Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, dream great dreams, think great thoughts, meet interesting people, explore diverse regions, see the countryside, or just cruise down the road in a Zen-like state. Traveling at speeds on average from 10 to over 40 mph, cycling is an efficient, healthy, and green mode of transport. In the 21st century, the sport has become increasingly popular throughout the globe, with the construction of thousands of miles of cycling paths in Las Venturas such as the Crimson Way and the Strip Velo.


A favorite pass time of downers and failures, drinking can be both a comfort sport and a day ender.


Play one or two quarters on the gridiron.

Gang Operation

Take on a rival gang for rewards.


Play a full or half course rounds of golf.


Play a shootout round on the game on ice.

Indoor Basketball

Heading to the gym will allow you to play regular basketball rules.


Play as the local Law Enforcement and track down gangs.


Are you all in?



Smoke Weed


After a day of debauchery, you may be craving a bit of R & R at the spas.

Street Basketball

Same as indoor. Just no rules!

Street Race

Take it to the streets and race cars.

Target Practice


Play three rounds on the court

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