Activities are a part of Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone. They can be done in free roam for fun, or to manage your gang.


  • Gang Wars
    • You can start gang wars against various gangs in the city's criminal underworld for influence and turf.
  • Drug Wars
    • Steal drugs from other gangs in order to distribute yourself in the seperate Drug Dealing mini-game. There are several types of Drug Wars
      • Hijack - Involves stealing a stationary enemy drug vehicle, which vary from cars , boats and even planes and helicopters. Some may be watched by police, and trigger a wanted-level.
      • Convoy - Involves stealing a moving drug vehicle, once you have been spotted by the enemy, the vehicle will speed off, and it's occupants will attack Tommy, and any recruited gang members you have brought with you. Be careful not to destroy the drugs vehicle, as the drugs will be destroyed too.
      • Stickup - Involves ambushing a deal between two enemy gangs. Health, weapons and other supplies will be dotted around the war zone. Occasionally, police may intervene, causing a three way shootout.
      • Stash - Involves stealing a hidden drug stash guarded by an enemy. There may be police stings.
      • Lab Attack - Involves attacking an enemy drug lab and steal any drugs for yourself.
  • Robbery
    • Steal various items from homes across the city. These can be sold in the Selling activity.
  • Selling
    • Sell off the items from the Robbery activity
  • Drug Dealing
    • Buy and sell various drugs to customers across the city. You can also sell drug aquired in the Drug Wars or that your gang's drug cook produces. Demand for drugs will be different in each part of the city. The drugs that can be sold are:
      • Cocaine
      • Marijuana
      • Heroin
      • Ecstasy
      • Depressants
      • Methamphetamine
      • JOY
  • Street Races
    • Take your ride to the streets and particpate in various illegal street races. Rewards range from money to pink slips.
  • Assassinations
    • Assassinate various targets around the city for a contact, who gives these missions via payphone.
  • Car Thefts
    • Steal various vehicles for money.
  • Import/Exports
    • Import & Export vehicles and other goods for money
  • Protection Rackets
    • Run & Manage your gang's protection rackets
  • Empire Building
    • Manage your criminal empire buy purchasing and developing gang related properties
  • Hostage Taking
    • Take various targets hostage for a ransom
  • Heists & Stick-Ups
    • Pull heists and loot various establishments across the city. You can sell the items in the Selling Actvity
  • Front Destruction
    • Destroy enemy gangs' fronts, or take them for your own
  • Gunrunning
    • Smuggle and Deal weapons to customers across the city 


  • Darts
  • Bowling
  • Pool
  • Eating / Drinking
  • Strip Clubs
  • Triathalons
  • Boat Races
  • Theatre
  • Fight Clubs
  • Flight School
  • Driving School
  • Bike School
  • Boat School
  • Shooting Range
  • TV

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