For: Dwayne Forge
Location: The Triangle Club
Target: Dominican Drug Dealers
Conditions of mission failure: Player dies, Chopper is destroyed
Reward: 4000$
Unlocks: Tall Enough for the Ride (If Finders Keepers is also completed)
Unlocked by: Funeral March
"You're not Dwayne Forge. Dwayne Forge I know doesn't hide in strip club in fear of death and facing his responsibilities. Dwayne Forge I know united the North Holland children living with broken families and self-destructive thoughts. It was paid with drug money, but so what? People were happy. We need that Dwayne Forge back now."
―Playboy X

Above is the fifteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to the protagonist Playboy X by Dwayne Forge.


Playboy goes to the Triangle Club, which is completely empty. Dwayne greets him by holding him on a gunpoint and making him prove he really is Playboy. Dwayne is half-drunk for drinking all night long. North Holland Hustlers are losing members for other gangs and the Dominican Drug Dealers have placed a bounty on Dwayne's head.

Playboy blames Dwayne for letting it all happen, and for once, he doesn't deny it. After a convincing speech, Playboy promises Dwayne to take care of everything, if he has a plan. And Dwayne has. A businessman Felipe Hocker has bought a heavily armed chopper prototype "Buzzard" and brought it in the US. It's currently at the Francis International Airport, and Dwayne suggests Playboy uses it to defeat the Dominicans. Playboy does what he's told to do, steals the chopper and destroys DDD's drug vans and smokes them out from their tenements. After the job is done, Playboy phones Dwayne, who feels much better now and says he'll put the Hustlers back together and once again rule North Holland. Playboy is glad to hear the good old Dwayne is back, and takes the chopper back to the airport.


  • Get to the Francis International
  • Get in the Buzzard
  • Take down the DDD's drug vans
  • Storm the tenements
  • Take down remaining Dominicans
  • Bring the Buzzard back to the airport

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete the mission in 9:00
  • A Rocket per Van - Take down the drug vans with one rocket per van
  • KA-BOOM! - Kill at least 4 DDD members with one rocket


The reward for completing is 4000$

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